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Meet Your Fertility Support Network


A Very Warm Welcome To

ANU Fertility Consultants Canada

Life is too short to do anything other than what you love.

We are a group of women (and one man!) who have found our calling in life: making other’s lives better, happier and more fulfilled because we believe that every person has the right to experience parenthood – from conception through their first moments as parents!

ANU Fertility Consultants Canada is a full-service surrogacy agency in Canada that offers guidance and support to couples & individuals who are unable to conceive – or who have had difficulty conceiving.

ANU isn’t the largest fertility consultancy in Canada. In fact, we limit the number of Surrogates, Egg Donors, & Parents-To-Be that we work with at any given time.

By doing this, we are able to focus much more intently on successfully connecting each set of Parents-To-Be with the perfect surrogate.

In fact, over 95% of our Parents-To-Be end up matching with a surrogate and having a baby.

Solving One of Life’s Greatest Riddles

At ANU Fertility Consultants, we come to work every day to solve one of the most significant problems life can throw at a person—infertility.

Everyone deserves the right to hold their precious newborn in their arms for the first time. One way to solve that problem is through Surrogacy.

However, the world of Surrogacy can appear daunting at first glance, which is why we promise to walk with you in lock-step along every point in the journey—from your first appointment at the clinic to the cutting of the umbilical cord.

You are never alone.

When the right Parents meet the right Surrogates, we believe miracles happen (hint: because we see it every day).

With Canada’s Strongest Surrogate Support Network, we are devoted to working with, and supporting you every step of the way – whether you’re a Surrogate, Parent-To-Be, or Egg Donor.

Team Parents-To-Be

Karen Bourdages
ANU Fertility Canada - Kaila Smith - Team Parents To Be
Kaila Smith
ANU Fertility Canada - Leigh Patten - Team Intended Parents
Leigh Patten

Team Surrogate Support

ANU Fertility Canada - Lynda Elves - Team Surrogate Support
Lynda Elves
ANU Fertility Canada - Heather Sharp - Team Surrogate Support
Heather Sharp

Team Finance

ANU Fertility Consultants Canada - Jennifer Geddes - Team Finance
Jennifer Geddes
ANU Fertility Consultants Canada - Christina Fitzpatrick - Team Finance
Christina Fitzpatrick

Team Care

ANU Fertility Consultants Canada - Sandi - Team Care
ANU Fertility Consultants Canada - Randy - Team Care

Team Surrogate Intake

ANU Fertility Consultants Canada - Angie Campeau - Team Surrogate Intake
Angie Campeau
ANU Fertility Consultants Canada - Bekkah Burnstad - Team Surrogate Intake
Bekkah Burnstad

Team Egg Donor Intake

ANU Fertility Consultants Canada - Angie Campeau - Team Surrogate Intake
Angie Campeau
ANU Fertility Consultants Canada - Maria Szott - Egg Donor Intake
Maria Szott

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