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Kaila Smith

Admin Assistant

Kaila joins AFC as an Administrative Assistant from Central Alberta, who takes great passion in what she does.

She believes the ANU team is truly a family, with all the love and support we have for each other and those we work with.

Having experienced infertility second hand through family, Kaila would have loved nothing more than to help them.

Watching them go through the long process was heartbreaking. Having some medical issues preventing her from having more kids she couldn’t think of a more fulfilling job helping people reach their dreams of becoming a family. Originally from Manitoba, Kaila has worked in the service industry since she was a teen.

It has always been her passion to help people.

Kaila is a single mom of four. Her kids are her life. Next to that would be her love for animals.

In her free time, Kaila loves to bake and read with her kids.

Winter is spent skating, sledding, snowmobiling, snowball fights, a fire to roast hotdogs & there are many movie nights with lots of snacks. Christmas is Kaila’s favourite time of year – having all the family together, enjoying everyone’s presence, food, baking and goodies.

In the summer, she spends most of her time outdoors with her kids between swimming, camping, fires, walking in the woods, quadding & taking the kids horseback riding.

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