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Intended Parents

Welcome To Your Essential Guide

We’re ecstatic that you’re reaching out to us.

Do you wish to experience the joy of parenthood but the old fashioned way is closed to you?

We use our experience, connections, and care to help you negotiate all of the choices, steps, and stages that are a part of growing your family by egg donation and Surrogacy in Canada.

We’re here to help you realise your dream of becoming a parent. That dream transcends everything else for you, and we understand that. We at ANU Fertility are full service – we’re a part of your journey to have a baby, from start to finish.

Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Egg Donors come from all walks of life. One definite thing you have in common is a vivid love for children and what they symbolise – a hopeful future and a purposeful life.

Maria – ANU Fertility Egg Donor

Give The Gift Of Family – Become An Egg Donor

We are searching for exceptional Canadian women who want to help people desperate to start a family of their own.

ANU Fertility is a full-service egg-donation agency that guides and supports women through the entire Egg Donor process.   We mentor you every step of the way:

  • Guide you through the process of seeing if you qualify medically, and help you put together your profile.
  • Guide you through the application & financial reimbursement process.
  • Help match you with Intended Parents (as a donor, you always have the final choice!)
  • Provide support and detailed information throughout all the financial, legal and medical components of the Egg Donor journey.
Egg Donation Donor Canada Canadian

Download Becoming An Egg Donor: The Ultimate Guide PDF

Find answers to your questions on becoming an egg donor.

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Download Becoming An Egg Donor: The Ultimate Guide PDF

Find answers to your questions on becoming an egg donor.

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Egg Donation Donor Canada Canadian

Meet Our Team

The process of surrogacy is a long one. It’s important that we all feel connected. The first step is for you to know who you’re reaching out to.

We’re a team of love and intention, who do this “for the love of it!”

Jessie – ANU Fertility Egg Donor

Do I Qualify
To Be An Intended Parent?

We want what’s best for all involved – you, the Surrogates, and the Egg Donors. Surrogacy isn’t a simple business transaction. Every journey is unique. Every individual is different.

And every baby deserves to be surrounded by love and intention from the very beginning.

Because of this, it’s our priority to find the right fit for everyone taking part in this magic. We’re nurturing a positive, beautiful environment here at ANU.

Ready to see if you qualify to take the first steps as an Intended Parent?

Wonderful! The following is what we look for in our IP’s:

  • You’re ready to jump in with your whole heart – you bring your honest, authentic self freely to the process.
  • You’re financially prepared to commit to all of the expenses that incur in the process.
  • You’re coming in with the mindset of care and gratitude for your #TeamBaby. You must be an active participant in this journey.
  • You accept that there’s no guarantee. Mother nature is her own boss – we can only hope she blesses us!
  • You’re able to communicate in English – at least conversationally.
  • You’re unhindered by criminal history and willing to undergo a background check.

We’re committed to working intimately with you during the process – which means we look for Intended Parents who’re just as passionate and committed as we are.

Our Surrogates and Egg Donors are integral to all we do. Compassion and utmost respect for all involved is vital.

We’re stepping under an umbrella together – one that protects us as we walk the journey towards a baby. If we step side by side, no one will get hit by the rain.

ANU Fertility Egg Donors

Tera & Tanisha – ANU Fertility Egg Donors

The Next 5 Steps To Our Process

Step #1: Initial Appointment

Here’s what to expect in our first meeting:

  • We want to get to know you – who you are is critically important to your success as Intended Parents.
  • We want to make sure that you understand who we are, and our priorities in the process.
  • We want to make sure that you have a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding in preparation for the journey.
  • We want to make sure you’re emotionally ready in all aspects. For example: Are you ready to trust everyone who’s a part of this process?
  • We want to make sure that we’re the best fit to help you. The most important focus is to build a team of love and intention around your baby to be.

Step #2: Team Build

We work together and build the team you need for this journey. If you already have some pieces in place, we work forward from there.

We immediately focus on establishing the professionals you need, such as:

  • Your clinic and physician
  • Your lawyer

It won’t be too soon to plan an initial consultation with them.

Please note that we’re not affiliated with any clinics or lawyers. Our recommendations are based on years of experience that fits and supports your needs.

The other team member you need is your Egg Donor.

Donors are giving a tremendous gift – very few women can actually donate. Qualifications are tight. This is important to understand as we look for the right fit for you.

We treat everyone’s information with the utmost respect. We don’t provide a database. When it comes to Egg Donors, we help narrow down to someone who meets your criteria, while respecting her right to choose the couple she wishes to help.

Step #3: Profile

You fill out your Intended Parent Profile and Intake Form, which completes the set up for your foundation with us.

Step #4: Find Your Surrogate

The hardest piece of the puzzle. A positive relationship between you and your Surrogate is absolutely necessary! Once we can go over your profile, we help you find your perfect surrogate.

Surrogates and Intended Parents are choosing to be on the same #TeamBaby, which we believe brings on many important components.

Some components are logical, and some are emotional. We want to contribute in a way that honours both and ensures that you and your Surrogate can be a strong team.

Once a match has been made, we get you together for a visit. We host and support this initial meeting in our Online Meeting Room.

We don’t generally approve of emails or simple phone calls for the first meeting – we want you to see each other!

Step #5: Timeline

Now we estimate a timeline for you and your Surrogate.

The step of reaching out and building your team is really the first step of many – which eventually concludes with the delivery.

In an ideal world, we hope that you can hold your baby 15 months from now – 6 months for all of the setup, and 9 months to be pregnant.

Each journey is unique, however, so we can’t specify how long each surrogacy will take.

But no matter the length, we promise you it’s worth it.

ANU Fertility Egg Donor Donation Canada Canadian

Hayley – ANU Fertility Egg Donor

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