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Christina Fitzpatrick

Accounting Assistant

Christina has been a proud member of ANU Fertility Consultants Ltd since 2016 and is herself a superhero 5-time Surrogate Mom. No surprise, if you were to ask those closest to her to describe her, ‘selfless’, ‘kind’, and ‘loving’ are words often used. We, at AFC are pleased to have Christina’s experience as a surrogate as well as her passion and knowledge with Receipt Management directed at supporting the surrogate mom’s on our team.

Christina makes her home in Surrey, BC, with her loving family. She was just recently married ‘Covid Style’ in early 2021. She adores spending as much family time as she can with her new husband and two teenage sons. When she gets a free afternoon, Christina loves a little girly pampering – a pedicure and a good lunch make her day.

Christina is passionate about making sure everyone, from the IP’s to the Surrogates and Egg Donors always feel loved and supported – Everyone is important !!

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