Parents To Be

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Nick & Rik

We are Nick and Rik, a couple from The Netherlands, embarking on a heartfelt journey to build our own family. It’s been a long road, but filled with hope and determination. Now, we’re reaching out to you, hoping you might consider granting us the extraordinary gift of becoming our surrogate.

Adam & Ondrej

With a decade of shared experiences, 2 years of marriage, and 5 years in beautiful British Columbia, our next adventure is to guide a new curious kid through life’s incredible journeys, sharing with them the joy of exploration. We’re looking for a surrogate to help bring this vision to life

Vivien & Marc

Enchanté, we are Vivien and Marc, 2 frenchies in love for 11 years,

We live in the south west of France with our two cats and fish. Being parents has always been obvious,
From dream to reality there is only one step do you want to take it with us?

Ben and Adrian

We are Adrian and Ben from Melbourne, Australia. We met five years ago while Ben was living in Toronto and Adrian was living in New York City. Ben is an architect that specializes in schools and Adrian is a public transport planner. We love travel, reading, theater and ice hockey.

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