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Adam & Ondrej

With a decade of shared experiences, 2 years of marriage, and 5 years in beautiful British Columbia, our next adventure is to guide a new curious kid through life’s incredible journeys, sharing with them the joy of exploration. We’re looking for a surrogate to help bring this vision to life

Antonio & Pierre-Henri

Hi there! We are Pierre-Henri and Antonio. We live in Paris, where we got married in 2015. Ever since we met at University in 2008 we’ve known we wanted to have a family and today we hope we will be able to realize our dream with ANU and your help!

Norbert & Gábor

Unbreakable Love and Beautiful Dream: Norbert & Gábor, an Eastern European same-sex couple, seek extraordinary surrogate and forever friend.

Explore our profile to discover who we are, our heartfelt desire for parenthood, and how we defy stereotypes in our conservative country regarding same-sex parenthood. Join our extraordinary journey!

Juan & Mariano

Our hearts are filled with love for each other, and a passion for life.  We can’t wait to see the love we have for each other expand to include our Little One.  We’re looking forward to the day when our passion for life will be about showing the world to our Little One.  We want to make the world a better place by raising a child that will know love, and know the importance of sharing the love you’ve been given.

Finding the right person to help in this way is not easy, especially if it is someone you don’t know. We have nothing but trust in you for choosing to be with us in this beautiful adventure!

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This is the I AM; podcast hosted by Maria Szott and Jara Hallett. This is the show where we embrace meaningful conversations with incredible individuals making waves in the world through surrogacy & egg donation in Canada.

In each episode, we'll dive into some aspects of what it really means to be a part of the journey of growing a family ... all for the love of it!

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