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Leigh Patten

Intended Parent Mentor

Leigh came to ANU with an extensive background in IVF and fertility. After growing up in the UK, she emigrated to Canada before relocating to the U.S where she started her career in IVF and third party parenting. She moved back to the West Coast of Canada in 2007 and worked at an IVF program in a local clinic.

She is happily married and a mum to 4 kids (2 of which are grown) but often jokes that making babies is and was her first love!

She is a girlie-girl who loves to get pampered on her days off and enjoys cooking in her spare time. She also completed culinary school and worked as a sous chef for a number of years prior to starting her career in IVF.

Creating families is her passion – this is something she has committed her life too and she believes that every man or woman deserves to be a part of the most ‘elite’ club in the world which is being a pare

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