Where to Start for a Surrogate Mother Training?

Surrogacy is a serious decision and a big responsibility. If you are planning to become a surrogate mother, we at ANU Fertility will help you start and guide you through the process. We will be at your side from day one and provide you proper surrogate mother training.

Why Choose to be a Surrogate?

Becoming a surrogate mother is a selfless decision because you will be offering your time, body, and energy to help someone achieve their dream of having a family. This act merits your sense of dignity, compassion, and deep generosity.

The surrogacy journey can be difficult at first, but very rewarding in the end. Also, the compensation you will receive is approximately equaled to the annual average income for a US household. However, experienced surrogates stated that financial compensation is only second compared to the rewarding feeling of complete awe and humbling experience of giving someone the gift of life. Choosing to be a surrogate mother allows you to give meaning to a couple or individual's desires to have a child and experience the miracle of life.

What are the Ideal Qualities of a Surrogate Mother?

A surrogate mother needs to have the qualities of an ideal mother, full of compassion and commitment. A mother’s role is done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and being a surrogate mom requires the essential qualities of a mother.

There are some factors that play when qualifying a surrogate mother. The health of both the surrogate mother and child is the highest concern in this process, and the heavy responsibility is in the hands of the surrogate. The surrogate must keep a healthy and clean environment for herself and the unborn child’s health.

Some agencies have a standard qualifying measure in considering a surrogate mother. This includes the following; surrogates age should be between 21-39 years old, does not smoke, lives in a smoke-free home, and no clinical history of mental illness.

To guarantee the best chance of a healthy delivery, a surrogate should be in her prime of childbearing years. This will ensure quick healing on a woman’s body after surrogacy is finished. A woman in a good state of health and free from harmful conditions is very important in the development of a healthy child. A surrogate mother should also be free from stress factors that can be avoided because the demands in surrogacy are extremely high.

Most of the surrogacy agencies will decline the application of women that are currently on government financial support and is not financially sound. Although one can argue that women can bear healthy children despite the hardships they go through, this is still a risk factor that the receiving parent would not want to take. Financial difficulties and instability causes stress and might complicate the pregnancy.

At ANU Fertility, we will provide extensive surrogate mother training and gives you emotional and mental support throughout your journey with us.

Surrogate Mother Training