Where to Find Your Ideal Surrogate Mother Guide?

Choosing to become a surrogate mother is a tough decision and takes a lot of courage. If you have weighed your options with a final decision, look no further. Here at ANU Fertility, we will help you and provide you a surrogate mother guide. We are geared to providing the best assistance and support to our surrogate mothers.

What to Expect as a Surrogate Mother?

Once you are qualified to become a surrogate, you will need to complete a series of process under the supervision of experienced professionals. Being a surrogate is a complex process that entails professional guidance. Your agency assists in following local guidelines, finding the right lawyer, health clinics and matching with intended parents.

How to Choose the Right Surrogate Agency?

When finding a surrogate agency, keep in mind that you are a valued asset on this journey. Your agency should meet your personal set of goals and needs. Every surrogacy journey is different from another, so choose an agency that fits you.

As a surrogate mother, you have to ask the right questions and understand the benefits and services you will get from the agency. Learn the requirements of your intended parents and make sure they meet your needs as a surrogate. Be familiar with the screening process both surrogates and intended parents have to go through. These processes usually involve matching and unmatching both parties. You should ask questions about each process to avoid any doubts. Learn about all the services the agency offers to both surrogate mothers and intended parents and how much on average does the intended parents have to spend to use the agencies service.

Having no doubt of the professional assistance you are getting is important for a successful surrogacy journey. This will help eliminate a stressful and frustrating process hindering you to have a pleasant experience.   

What to know about Surrogacy Clinics?

Fertility clinics or surrogacy clinics is where surrogates and intended parents go to complete the medical step in the process of surrogacy. This includes fertility check, IVF, and embryo transfer. In some instances, if the intended parents have an existing fertility treatment record from a certain clinic, the surrogate will have to travel for appointments to the clinic. The surrogates travel expenses should be reimbursed or compensated for this process.

What does a Surrogacy Lawyer do?

The surrogacy process requires that both parties need to be represented by a surrogacy lawyer to validate each legal stages. This ensures that both are advocated fairly and each individual needs are met, acknowledged, and fulfilled.

Your lawyer will be in charge of drafting contracts, legal parental rights for intended parents, making sure that surrogates are compensated, and that the entire process adheres to the State and local laws. This process is important before a surrogate and intended parent can proceed to the medical stage.

If you are new to the surrogacy journey, it is best to have a professional guide you through each of the steps. We at ANU Fertility will treat you like family and ensuring a safe and comfortable place for everyone. We will provide you the best surrogate mother guide and do our best for you to experience a pleasant surrogacy journey.

Surrogate Mother Guide