Charles & Jérémy


Thank you for having a glimpse at our profile 🙂 We hope it brings you warmth and smiles.

If you have a look at our pictures, you will see that Charles is the tallest and Jeremy is the strongest. We are pretty different but we have a very symbiotic relationship. Charles is the quiet one and Jeremy is the talkative one. Or else, Jeremy is the smiley one and Charles is the one with a frozen smile 😀

When we met in 2013, we realized our strongest wish was to build a family! Growing up in very happy and loving families made us want to build our own. Most of our friends have children, and we are known as the best baby sitter / uncles in town 😀

We have a simple life surrounded by our friends and family. We love to invite them home, cook dishes and prepare barbecues in the garden. There are never enough reasons to enjoy good moments with them. We are very creative and we can invent as many reasons as there are days in the week. Every time we spend those good moments, we wish we could share them with a child of our own.

Our surrogacy journey started in 2019 and although it has sometimes been a struggle, we have always been able to count on ANUs support. Thanks to an amazing egg donor we now have 19 (!!) embryos waiting for an amazing surrogate mother 🙂

Our home, our life and our heart are eager to welcome a child, we just need that one special person to help make our dream a reality!

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