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There are lots of beautiful things about life in Norway, especially the people and social structure of our society. I value how we take care of one another here and I’m looking forward to sharing these values and ways of life with my child or children.

I have a loving and supportive family and I’m especially close with my father. As a child he was my hero, and as an adult I admire him still. He is one of the most supportive and positive people I know. When I struggled at school, he was there. When I came out, he was there, and when I told him about my plans of building my own family I could not have gotten more support. My father has been there for me all my life and I can only hope that one day my children think of me with half as much admiration!

Having a family of my own has been my dream for as long as I can remember. When I realized I was gay, in my early teens, I thought that having a family wouldn’t be possible. Fortunately, the world has changed its perception of what a family is and how it should be created. Through surrogacy and the support of family and friends, I’m now pursuing my dream.

I’ve been active in the surrogacy journey for a couple of years. I have a wonderful group of embryos, and now the next piece of the puzzle just might be you! I’m searching for a wonderful woman who is willing to help me create the family of my dreams. I would love to stay close and engaged throughout the journey, and help in every way that I can! I’m hoping for a close and meaningful connection, one that may last a lifetime.

This is the I AM; podcast hosted by Maria Szott and Jara Hallett. This is the show where we embrace meaningful conversations with incredible individuals making waves in the world through surrogacy & egg donation in Canada.

In each episode, we'll dive into some aspects of what it really means to be a part of the journey of growing a family ... all for the love of it!

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