Primi & Pablo


We are a gay couple with a mix background – Primi (36) is from Slovenia and Pablo (38) from Spain – than after many years living in Germany, now we are also Germans!

We’ve found our place in Berlin where we have been extremely lucky to find a strong net of supportive & amazing friends, good jobs where we can grow, and a beautiful apartment in the city centre. Our families remains in our ‘home’ countries, but both are an easy 2 hours flight, and we visit regularly.

During the week we do sports and chill with Netflix and reading, and during the weekends we meet friends, go to nature for hikes and enjoy the different food Berlin has to offer!  We love to travel and we have been in some places already, however we still have a long wish list to complete. We have been to Canada and we found it completely amazing! We came in January, we love the winter and snow and ski as often as we can.

We are really thankful to the universe as we have had a really good life so far, and strongly believe we can create a positive, warm and loving environment for a child to grow up. Kindness, empathy and trust are fundamental values to us that we would like to transmit further in our family.

For us, finding a surro-hero is  the biggest gift a we could ask for. We are delighted you are reading this and will be more than happy to get to know you, your story, your life and motivations. For us communication, respect and trust are fundamentals and also we absolutely believe in this process you and only you are in charge. We cannot imagine it any other way, as we will be forever thankful.

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