Yesha & Moshe


Thank you for taking the time to explore the opportunity of helping us become parents!
On Dec 4th, 2006 we went on our first date, and within a month started talking about getting married. We’ve known from the very start we wanted to have kids together, and therefore decided more than a decade ago we would want to raise two of our own, together with our two fur-babies, Ginger and Ricky. We’ve spent a lot of time exploring our opportunities to become parents, as surrogacy was not available in Israel for same-sex couples at the time, and finally chose Canada.
During our years together, we’ve been through a lot – our coming out of the closet, Moshe’s beloved mother’s illness and passing, our fur-babies’ illnesses and the death of the youngest, Ricky, a few months ago, etc.; and have always openly communicated our needs and emotions and supported each other.
We love our jobs (Yesha as a mechanical engineer and Moshe as head of the criminal prosecution in one of the IDF’s jurisdictions), traveling, hiking, watching tv and helping animals whenever possible. We can’t wait to share this with our future children and raise them to be thoughtful, compassionate people.
We started our journey to become parents in Canada in 2019, but things got together slowly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, we’ve finished building our own dream apartment in northern Israel, with rooms for the two children we wish to have. We now have 15 healthy, PGS tested frozen embryos at Create, Toronto, and are only missing a surrogate.
This is where you come in – the woman willing to go on this amazing, generous journey to carry our baby, bring them into the world, and fulfill our life-long dream of becoming parents. We will be forever grateful!

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