Lluis & Arnaud

United Kingdom


We are Lluis and Arnaud from London, UK. We’re in a long-term stable relationship and have been living together for over 12 years. We met at university and we moved to London in 2010. Lluis was born in Barcelona (Spain) and Arnaud in Brussels (Belgium). Arnaud works as a software developer for a health tech company and Lluis runs a small engineering company.

Over three years ago, we bought a lovely house with a garden where there is an empty bedroom that would be perfect for a child. We also share our home with a wonderful cocker spaniel named Polo.

Often we talk about how different parts of our lives would change with a baby, and the thought always puts a smile on our faces.  Having a little human running around the house will brighten our lives. We know it will not always be easy, but we can’t stop thinking about all the joyful moments.  We’d love to see him/her/them grow and bring something back to the world and be there at every step.

We’re supported in this adventure by our families and our incredible friends. Some of them are at an age where they start having children of their own. Our child will grow up surrounded by love around kids the same age in a happy open-minded multicultural family.

We’ve been longing for this for many years as we’ve always wanted to make a family of our own. After meeting our amazing egg donor and completing the first milestone in this journey, we have wonderful embryos ready. We’re now looking for a kind-hearted woman to bring a life to this world.

We hope you can help us create our family, share this amazing journey with us and make us the proudest dads!

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