Mark and Tony


Tony and I (Mark) met ‘on-line’ 8 years ago when he was visiting Australia from New Zealand. By pure chance we had a mutual friend in common. Our first date was at a take away Chinese restaurant where I proceeded to order 5 different types of main meals (I was super nervous and wanted to make sure I covered all food groups to ensure I impressed him). When I asked the shop assistant if he thought I had ordered enough, he proceeded to look me up and down and asked ‘do you have 7 stomachs’? The date went well and the next day we began texting each other every five minutes (#obsessed). We both asked each other our thoughts on having children – it was a unanimous yes – we both wanted a family.

This brings us to today, we now both live in Australia’s capital city Canberra, have built strong careers as diplomats and have built a beautiful home on five acres of land on the outskirts of the city. Our property has dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and kangaroos. We are surrounded by a wonderful community who can’t wait for our family to expand. We are both very family focused and believe the world needs more positivity.

Our child will be raised to be respectful, inquisitive, community and environmentally minded. They will be our special little love monkey. We can’t wait to share our home, friends and family with a new baby. We will be forever grateful to the super woman (hopefully you who is reading this) who is able to turn our dreams into a reality.

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