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We're so pleased you're thinking of surrogacy with the team at ANU.

Hopefully you have had a chance to have a look at our Guide to Surrogacy
We really do live to share the gift of family. Karen spends her time with our Intended Parents in the journey, and I'd love to share some of her words with you.
“I've often said that egg donation and surrogacy make the world a bigger place, and a smaller place both.

It brings people together, and builds bonds between those that probably would have never met, never mind lived in each other's hearts. It truly is a living, breathing illustration of all that is good about humanity.

It is embarking in hope on a grand, and life changing adventure.

It is holding on to each other when the winds of adversity blow, and it is the profound and joyful tears that will come when the long awaited baby is in his or her parents arms.”
Here at ANU, we love sharing our stories, and accurate information about being a surrogate here in Canada.

Any time you have questions, please feel free to reach out directly by replying to this email, by a phone call, or text 604-799-1484.

This is the I AM; podcast hosted by Maria Szott and Jara Hallett. This is the show where we embrace meaningful conversations with incredible individuals making waves in the world through surrogacy & egg donation in Canada.

In each episode, we'll dive into some aspects of what it really means to be a part of the journey of growing a family ... all for the love of it!

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