How to find surrogate mothers in Alberta?

In searching for the right surrogate for your child, it is important that you trust the institution that will provide the service and meet the intended bearer of the child. There are many existing surrogacy programs in Canada that only offer basic childbearing and only a few of them incorporates a more comprehensive strategy and approach. One of which is ANU Fertility which is a program that caters compassionate involvement of service not only as a work but as a social support program for those couples as well as surrogates who seek a friendly and welcoming environment to experience parenthood and to start a family.

ANU offers a wide array of egg donors, surrogates, and mentors whom you can trust and talk to before actually commencing the agreed program. You can ensure that when you find surrogate mothers in Alberta, they have undergone full health and pregnancy check including in-depth consultative screening before considering a mother to become a surrogate. This is because the overall health who will do the pregnancy will greatly affect the baby as well including the couple who owns the embryo within the surrogate. That is why we ensure that each step of pregnancy and childbirth is safer and natural to successfully provide our clients with a good result.

How do we match our surrogate mothers in Alberta and the intended parents?

 Our program provides freedom for our surrogates to choose the intended parents they wish to work with. This is because we have our goal of ensuring the success of every childbirth which is under our program, hence, the relationship of parents and the surrogate can highly affect the overall attainment of positive pregnancy and child delivery. Thus, surrogacy for us is not merely defined by the biological conception of a child but also serves as compassionate support to those women who find surrogacy as life advocacy and to those couples who find parenthood as a dream.

This is also the reason, why we consistently offer a mentorship program for surrogates that serves as a peer support group for beginners who want to undergo surrogacy as well. The group allows pioneer members or well-experienced mothers to share their knowledge and skills with other members for personal growth and to boost personal and emotional skills. This can help other surrogates to be well informed about the entire surrogacy program. Hence, they become more equipped with proper knowledge on how to take care of themselves and the baby during conception and birth.

Because we treat our surrogates as an extended family, we also make sure that our clients feel the same way which is why we have already established a long term and solid trust from our former clients who continuously shared and recommend us to other couples who also need help on how to find surrogate mothers in Alberta. We are also ready to answer any questions or queries regarding ethical concerns, financial matters for the whole scope of the program and a lot more. You may just reach us anytime and through phone at 1 604 799 1484 and the ANU Fertility customer service support staff can assist you with the necessary step to take in qualifying to our program.

Find Surrogate Mothers Alberta