What to know about donating eggs in Alberta?

If you one of your goals as a woman is to help other couples who are unable to have a child of their own, you can be part of surrogacy programs that aim at providing life-changing assistance to those in need. Most surrogacy programs allow donating eggs in Alberta after necessary consultations, screening, and interviews. ANU Fertility is one of the leading institutions that caters egg donations from a wide array of donors all over Canada. Our company supports those who want to help and those who need help with regard to childbearing and childbirth by providing a personalized approach of matching egg donors and intended parents upon several procedures that require legal and ethical arrangements for the benefit of both parties.

How to qualify as an egg donor?

Aside from surrogacy, we also serve as an agency for donating eggs in Alberta. There are actually many women who are willing to be part of this amazing project just to support those individuals or couples who are hopeless in starting their own family. We believe that pregnancy is one of the most important yet most crucial parts of being a woman. That is why we ensure to give full security and social support to all our surrogates and donors in any way that we can through a written consent and agreement.

You can start your application through initial submission of requirements and consultation if you are fit to provide egg cells for fertilization. We start from checking your medical status and personal profile which will all be classified as confidential. Upon qualifying, we can guide you all the way through each step of the donation procedure including the financial reimbursement for the expenses made during the process. Egg donations can be made when a surrogate mother allows using her own egg to be fertilized by the sperm coming from the intended father which is done through a medical procedure which is also known as traditional surrogacy.

In addition, if you are truly qualified to become an egg donor, you always have the final say when it comes to choosing the intended parents being matched with you. We can provide you with all the necessary guide just to help you decide whether you are qualified to be a donor or to help you choose whether or not to pursue the donation. We actually provide detailed handbook which includes all frequently asked questions by donors, specific legal and ethical queries and clarifications, step by step procedure of the program upon signing in as an official donor, different benefits as well as financial agreement after finishing the donations, and many others. It also involves all the necessary security information as well as the rights of the donors and privacy concerns.

If you find this job interesting, you may check out the full details found at the ANU Fertility official website and you may sign up the online application form for an egg donor. From there, you can also download the ultimate guide for the details of egg donations in a pdf form along with many other useful tips about the program. For other donor-related concerns and questions, you may send us a message through our email at [email protected]

Donating Eggs Alberta