How can Canadian surrogate program help you?

Canada is one of the countries that legalize surrogacy in which a couple who doesn’t have the capacity to bear a child of their own can employ someone to carry the fertilized egg and deliver their child. There are actually many programs that offer such service legally without compromising ethical and social rights of both parties, thus, promoting a higher chance of parenthood to couples regardless of their gender preference, race, and nationality.

ANU Fertility is one of the leading surrogacy programs that aim to reach out to those individuals or couples who dream of having a child of their own. Our company offers two types of surrogacy methods. The first one is the traditional approach in which the surrogate mother carries the pregnancy starting from the fertilization up to childbirth using her own egg. On the other hand, the second type which is called gestational surrogacy involves the petri dish fertilization. This procedure is done by combing the egg and sperm of the parents or donor and fertilized them outside the woman’s womb. Thus, the embryo formed will then be transferred, also known as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), to the surrogate mother and carry the child similar to a normal pregnancy.

How do we process Canadian surrogate program?

We conduct phone or personal consultation first for interested couples who want to take advantage of our service upon submission of initial requirements and if found qualified to benefit from our program. Here, we can discuss and elaborate the step by step procedure of the entire plan starting from the finding the right match for your surrogate, financial support, and childbirth. Aside from that, we also explain legal matters after giving birth, the rights of the couples and the surrogate mother as well as some ethical considerations. After all, is settled, we can accurately plan and tailor the appropriate actions needed for each procedure of Canadian surrogate program to avoid compromising the health and life of both mother and child. Thus, all expenses of the surrogate mother shall be the responsibility of the couples as indicated in the agreement or contract including all necessary conditions during the consultation will also be indicated.

In terms of surrogates, we have an array of compassionate mothers and individuals who serve as donors, surrogates, or mentors. As part of the program, a mentorship is a form of social support for surrogate mothers in order to enhance emotional aid and maintain a caring environment until she delivers the child. Our support network does not only provide hand in hand assistantship, but it also promotes a better understanding of life developing a good relationship between parents and donors or surrogates. Hence, most clients that we have actually pursue further social support and found friendship with their surrogates even after giving birth.

We welcome all types of clients from singles, gay couples, infertile couples, and a lot more. We would be happy to hear your story and assist you with the appropriate necessity of surrogacy that you want. You may reach us through the ANU Fertility official website at using the online form provided in the page. We also bombarded it with full detail regarding our services and application procedures for those mothers who also want to apply as surrogates.