Alberta Donated Eggs

If you do some simple math, the numbers are astounding when it comes to human reproduction. Each one of the nearly 8 billion people on the Earth came from one sperm cell from a male and one egg from a female to enable conception. And that one sperm cell was one of perhaps 100 million others that competed for that one egg during one sexual encounter. According to some studies, a normal man engages in sexual intercourse 5000 times on average during his active years producing perhaps 500 billion sperm.

For women, the numbers are more “reasonable” but still amazing. There are over 5 million eggs in a female fetus meaning that when a woman is pregnant, she is also carrying her potential grandchildren. Out of this, only about 400 eggs will be ovulated over the woman’s lifetime. The odds of anyone being born is 1 in 2.5 followed by about 18 zeros making us all winners in the lottery of life.

This numerical exercise only goes to prove how precious life is and for people who cannot have children on their own must find alternate ways to conceive to give that gift of life to a new baby. Alberta, Canada is the home office of ANU Fertility Ltd. who is the leading Fertility and Surrogacy Consultants in Canada. They help people have children with IVF using a surrogate mother or with egg donations from qualified women.

What does it take to become an egg donor?

The basic requirements are:

  • A potential egg donor must be between 19 and 29 years of age. This may vary with other clinics
  • She must be in good health and have a healthy BMI.
  • The family history of the donor should be free of any genetic issues like diabetes or cystic fibrosis
  • The donor must commit to a 10 to 14-day commitment.

Other disqualifiers are alcohol and drug abuse, a psychological issue, or being in a stressful home environment.

What compensation do egg donors get?

To pay someone for an Alberta donated eggs is not legal, but the donor will be compensated for her expenses incurred. This can be as much as $5000 on average.  it is completely possible for the donor and the recipient to make a discreet private arrangement, but this might be a bit outside the legal boundaries.  

Who needs egg donors?

There are many situations where an egg donor is needed. A couple may have a genetic issue in their own bloodline that they don’t want to pass down to a future generation. Same-sex male couples will need an egg donor and a surrogate. Some women cannot ovulate and will need an egg donated from an outside source.

Who decides where the donated egg goes?

This is like a dating service in that the Intended Parents will pick a woman to be the donor, but the woman has the final say as to if she wants these folks to receive it. ANU Fertility encourages that the donor and recipient form a bond.

There are many other issues that the egg donor and the Intended Parents will face when considering this course of action. To discuss the egg retrieval process or find out about the medical aspects of Alberta donated eggs, call ANU Fertility at 1-604-799-1484 or send them an email at [email protected] to get more information.