Naomi Czerniak-Reay

Intended Parent Mentor

Naomi has a philosophy in life of “Dream Big”.

It has certainly been the case at ANU Fertility Consulting Ltd where we strive to do just that by bringing the best addition to any family…….a baby. By working with the enthusiastic and compassionate team and she feels that she is doing her best work at taking her philosophy seriously and loves that these babies are so wanted, nurtured and loved before they are even conceived.

Her roots are firmly planted in her family, her horses, and her current empty nest stage. She is originally from a big family and once she began having her own children decided to be a stay at home mom for her daughter and son, who are 20 and 18 respectively. Both have moved on to post-secondary education and are working at fulfilling their “Dream Big”.

If you were to ask her what her greatest accomplishment in life would be she would answer “My children”. She is passionate about her children and encourages them, through example, that with hard work, perseverance, and determination they can live their best lives.

Her other passion is her love and dedication to working with animals. She is a Registered Veterinary Technician by trade having completed the Animal Health Program in 1994. She did work part-time while her kids were growing up to keep up on her skills and training. She has two horses, Zaz and Marco, a miniature donkey named Donk, a mini daxi named Oscar and her two beloved house cats, Poopy and Willy.

With this new stage in her life upon her, she has decided to take her “Dream Big” philosophy and diversify by being a part of the ANU Fertility Consulting team.

It fits well into her life as she rediscovers her enthusiasm and love for her 3-day eventing (a combination of dressage, show jumping and cross country jumping) competitions along with her horse showing with the four-legged family members.