Nadine Burger

Journey Coordinator & Admissions Assistant

Nadine joins ANU Fertility Consultants Ltd. with a passion for Surrogacy, Egg Donation, birth, and working alongside the incredible people who make dreams become reality.

AFC is excited to have Nadine join the team as the Journey Coordinator & Admissions Assistant. With her, she brings her vast experience in the birthing & empowerment world. Nadine is a Birth Doula, Certified Life Coach Practitioner, and a Placenta Specialist. As a mom of two, a three-time experienced Surrogate, and three-time Egg Donor, she continues to strengthen her devotion to the birthing process as well as empowering women throughout each transitional life stage.

Like many women, she found her passion for birth work within her own unique birthing experiences. Having experienced teenage pregnancy, Nadine tirelessly advocates for equality in care for all ages, genders and for those who have taken non-traditional routes to parenthood.

Nadine lives in Mount Brydges, Ontario with her partner and two spicy “little” boys. When they’re not out on their adventures in the woods, you’ll find them playing board games & enjoying the company of their closest friends.

Nadine believes every parent deserves unbiased information and continuous support throughout the incredible adventure of parenthood. It is her mission to empower the Surrogate, Egg Donor, and Intended Parent(s), to take authority over their experience and make well-informed decisions about their care.